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About Bombay Boat Rental Company at Lake of the Ozarks

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Bombay Boat Rentals is owned by Village Marina.

BomBay was an idea that began in 2014 by Ryan and Mark Brick. The idea took off with the hiring of Jason Edge and the concept to create the #1 boat rental company at the lake began. BomBay opened for business in 2015 and the concept became reality. Since then BomBay has seen tremendous growth. BomBay has 4 great locations at the Lake, with Village Marina at the 3MM, Camden on the Lake at the 7MM, Lodge of Four Seasons at the 12MM, and Dog Days Restaurant at the 18MM.

We live by our motto, “Better Product, Better Prices, Better People”!

BomBay Boat Rental Company is here to welcome you and to give you all the options you desire to meet all of your boating needs. We have pricing discounts for seniors and our military. We offer volume discounts and we even offer memberships for our more frequent boaters!

Better Product

We offer three different types of Cobalt ski boats. The Standard Cobalt 220 brings an additional high energy touch to the already-athletic 10 Series models. With bold interior color accents, color matched gauges and a special edition water sports tower, you will step-up and stand-out. The Premium Cobalt R3 exterior profile is sleek and low, the platform design and AFT sun pad are sculpted beautifully, creating a smooth and sexy profile. And our most extreme boat, The Platinum Cobalt R6, this series is the ultimate line of sport runabouts. The perfect combination of excitement and elegance, with many new and exclusive features including increased storage, enhanced audio output and new color combination options.

Our Sylvan Mirage Tritoon offers amazing relaxation and comfort. Your group will enjoy its four-sided wrap around seating, spacious deck area and lots of space for play or entertaining. And if you are the type of persons that wants to get even closer to the water, the Yamaha Wave Runners are the best option for you! Yamaha’s revolutionary dual throttle handling creates a fun and intuitive driving experience unlike anything else on the water.

Better Prices

BomBay Boat Rental Company has a competitive pricing structure. We have many options to meet everyone’s needs. We offer hourly rates, 24 hour rates, multi-day rates, and weekly rates.

BomBay Boat Rentals also offers boat and waverunner memberships for our more frequent boating customers. With a membership you gain unlimited access to all of our boats and waverunners. Memberships are offered on a 6 month plan so you will not be paying anything during the winter months.

Better People

BomBay Boat Rentals is committed to great customer service and hiring, training, rewarding, and retaining the right people. Year after year we want you to return and see the same people employed with us.

BomBay Boat Rental Company is committed to treating its employees with dignity and respect. The same way that we expect them to treat you. We will reward success and make every effort to make your boat renting experience unforgettable.

Jason Edge

Jason Edge

Director of Rental Operations

Jason has been with BomBay since its conception. He is responsible for setting up the infrastructure, acquiring all locations, and overseeing the day to day operations.

Jason has a degree in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University and has applied his many years of management experience to the benefit of BomBay.

He is most proud of being a Dad to his 3 kids, Jessica, Jordan, and Brett, and a PaPaw to his 4 Grand kids, Jax Keith, Nellie Kate, Kinley Rae, and Otto Wade.

Corey Blume
Cory Blume

Director of Rental Fleet

Cory has been with BomBay for 5 years. Cory is responsible for our rental fleet. He is charged with keeping all 52 Tritoons, 13 Cobalt’s, and 50 waverunners in great working condition. If it is broke Cory fixes it.

He is an invaluable part of the BomBay Operations!

Alexa Bartlett
Alexa Bartlett

Assistant Director of Operations

Alexa has been with BomBay for 4 years. Alexa is responsible for all things customer related. She has direct oversight of our reservations, customer accounts, and day to day procedures from our locations.

If you ever meeet Alexa, you will meet her beloved dog Turbo. He goes everywhere she goes.

Alexa is an invaluable part of our BomBay operations!

Denise Webster

Manager of Reservations

Denise has been with BomBay for 2 years. She is responsible for all things reservations and has the unique responsibility to handle any customer issues that may arise.

If you call BomBay chances are you will speak to Denise!

Denise is an invaluable part of our BomBay team!

Gabriella Cicerelli

Manager of BomBay Location
Village Marina Gas Dock

Gabriella has been with BomBay the longest of any employee. She started in reservations and moved to our Village Marina location. She has been a location Manager for 3 years now.

Her experience, attitude, and personality make her an exceptional employee. Gabriella is an Invaluable employee for our BomBay Team!

Mariah Wardenburg

Location Manager at Camden on the Lake

Mariah has been with BomBay for 4 years. Mariah is responsible for one of our busiest locations. Mariah‘s calm demeanor, attention to detail, organization skills, and great personality are a true asset for BomBay!

She is an invaluable part of our BomBay team!

Bobi Cothran

Supervisor at Lodge of Four Seasons

Bobi has been with BomBay for 3 years. Bobi was given the task of opening our latest location at the Lodge of for Seasons. She did an excellent job at setting up another great location for BomBay.

Bobi witty humor, slight ocd organization skills, perfectionism, and charming personality make her a great part of our team!

She is an invaluable part of our BomBay team.

Safina Ernst

Location Manager at our Dog Days Location

Safina has been with BomBay for 2 years. She has recently been promoted to Manager of our Dog Days location. Safina has a great work ethic. Her hard-working principles and attention to detail is something to be admired. If you are at our Dog Days location, just look for the girl working harder than everyone else. Safina is an invaluable part of our BomBay Operations!

Cassie Rideout

Location Manager at the Lodge of Four Seasons

Cassie has been with BomBay for 4 years. Cassie has been promoted from our Dog Days location to the Lodge of Four Seasons. Cassie oversees all policies and procedures at the Lodge. Somedays she even brings her beloved dog Mattis to work with her. If you meet Cassie be prepared for her to talk to you even if you do not talk to her. 😊 Cassie is an invaluable part of our BomBay Operations!



Village Marina- 3MM

107 Village Marina Road, Suite 1
Lake Ozark, MO 65026

Camden on the Lake - 7MM

2359 Bittersweet Road
Lake Ozark, MO 65049

Lodge of Four Seasons - 12MM

315 Four Seasons Drive
Lake Ozark MO. 65049

Dog Days Bar & Grill - 18MM

1232 Jeffries Road
Osage Beach, MO 65065

BomBay Boat Rental Locations

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